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The Definitive Climate Change Book Bibliography Part One- B- Changing Your Home . Eco Houses

This list is for those who would like to take personal action within their own homes, whether building or renovating. Fortunately, there is now a plethora of new titles coming onto the market to help all of us along the way to sustainability.
 Eco House Book – Terence Conran (Hardcover – Sep 15, 2009
Kennedy Green House: Designing an Eco-Healthy Home from the Foundation to the Furniture  – Robin Wilson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (foreword by) (Hardcover – Apr 1, …
Small Eco-Houses (Evergreen) -(Paperback – Jul 8, 2007) $11.69
 From Bauhaus to Eco-House: A History of Ecological Design– Peder Anker (Hardcover – Jan 1, 2010)- Joshua Piven (Paperback – Sep 1, 2009)
150 Best Eco House Ideas -Sep 1, 2010)- Cristina Paredes Benitez, Alex Sanchez Vidiella (Paperback – Oct 19, 20…
Architecture Compact: Eco-Houses – h.f. Ullmann (Perfect Paperback – Nov 15, 2009)
Eco House: Practical Ideas for a Greener, Healthier Dwelling Sergi Costa Duran (Paperback – Aug 1, 2010)
Eco-Houses (Ullmann Architecture Compacts) -(Paperback – Nov 2, 2009)
Green House: Eco-Friendly Disposal and Recycling at Home – Norm Crampton (Paperback – Jun 25, 2008)
Green is Beautiful: The Eco-Friendly House -Claudio Santini, Dafna Zilafro (Hardcover – Aug 16, 2009)

The Complete Guide to Eco-Friendly House Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply (Back-To-Basics) (Back to Basics Conserving)– Anne Kocsis (Paperback – Mar 1, 2010)

Will Anderson. Diary of an Eco-Builder, Green Books, 2006, 1903998794, £14.95 -Will Anderson’s monthly features in The Independent have an enthusiastic following; readers are following his progress from finding a plot, getting planning permission and building himself a stunning contemporary eco home, which mirrors the fine-tuned ecology of a tree. Drawing on his columns in The Independent, Will has created a diary that will be invaluable to anyone contemplating building their own eco house.

G. Z. Brown and Mark Dekay. Sun, Wind and Light: Architectural Design Strategies, John Wiley & Sons, 2nd revised edition, 2000, 0471348775, £42.50

John Carmody, Stephen Selkowitz, Lisa Heschong (authors), edited by Dariush Arasteh. Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies and Energy Performance, W W Norton, 2000, 0393730042, £15.95  – Since the publication of the first edition, research has yielded much new information on window technologies, their performance, and their benefits. This revised edition covers every aspect of window design and technology and includes a much expanded section on energy performance, with an extended list of climate zones and glazing options. New tools and methods for making window purchasing decisions are also explained. More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Debra Rucker Coleman. Sun-Inspired House: House Designs Warmed and Brightened by the Sun, Sun Plans, US, 2005, 0976731800, £13.76 ,-The Sun-Inspired? House: Ideas and House Plans Using the Sun to Brighten and Warm Your Home is a unique combination of passive solar information and house plans designed to use the sun to maximum efficiency. The information is educational while the designs are inspirational. The elegant yet functional homes capture the non-polluting heat and wonderful light of the sun in a wide range of warm and welcoming styles. Blueprints are available for most of the designs. More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Keith Hall (ed). The Green Building Bible: Essential Information to Help You Make Your Home and Buildings Less Harmful to the Environment, the Community and Your Family, Volumes 1 & 2, 2006: Vol. 1: 1898130035, £9.95; Vol. 2: 1898130043, £9.95

Edward Harland. Eco-Renovation: The Ecological Home Improvement Guide. Energy. Materials. Space. Health, Green Books Ltd, 1993, 1870098528, £9.95  Calling for a “greening” of rampant American “consumerism,” which will inevitably mean “less consumption” on our part, architect Harland outlines paths toward ecological and energy-conserving reform in the ways we choose to shelter ourselves. More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Cindy Harris and Pat Borer. The Whole House Book: Ecological Building Design and Materials. Foreword by Richard Rogers, Centre for Alternative Technology Publications, 1998, 1902175220, £35.00

Richard Hyde (ed). Bioclimatic Housing: Innovative Designs for Warm Climates, Earthscan, Feb 2007, 1844072843, £49.95  – A landmark text from the International Energy Agency on sustainable architecture in warmer climates- Uses the approach of bioclimatic housing to explore how sustainable architecture interacts with its environment- Explores a range of global case studies from the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Australasia, forming an overview of strategies and showing how these can be developed into practiceIn the search for sustainable architecture there is growing interest amongst architects, designers and engineers in the relationship between nature and design. The term ‘bioclimatic’, traditionally relating More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Michael Potts. The New Independent Home: People and Houses that Harvest the Sun, Chelsea Green Publishing Company, Vermont, US, 2Rev Edition, 1999, 1890132144, £22.50 Potts’s original book has become one of our best sellers and flagship of the series of popular Solar Living Books we have produced in conjunction with Real Goods Trading Company. Because of its impact in bringing the almost unknown promise of solar energy to thousands of readers, one longtime observer of energy trends described the publication of the original Independent Home as “the most important event in the solar industry in More Information or Buy Now from Amazon than a decade” More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Thierry Salomon, Stephane Bedel. The Energy Saving House (New Futures), Centre for Alternative Technology Publications, 2003, 1898049351, £12.00

,-Packed with facts and figures, “The Energy Saving House “covers every aspect of home energy use: from designing and building, through choice of materials, proper insulation, heating options, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, water consumption and heating, super windows, renovation and retrofitting, to choosing household appliances and fuel suppliers. Throughout, it emphasizes the benefits of “negawatts”–the energy you don’t use–and shows how you can retain the comforts of life, yet save 60% of your energy and water use. More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Peter F. Smith. Eco-Refurbishment: A Guide to Saving and Producing Energy in the Home, Architectural Press, Elsevier, 2004, 0750659734, £23.99
, -This clear and accessible guide provides a comprehensive outline on how to convert your house into a More Information or Buy Now from Amazon ‘green’ home. Buildings are the greates energy wasters and for those of us concerned about the environment, and household bills, this book presents the key design changes that we can implement to our own homes to remedy energy loss. More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Peter Smith. Architecture in a Climate of Change, Architectural Press, 2001, 0750665440, £19.99  A book that is essential reading, especially as it considers the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’ of sustainable architecture.
Lord Rogers of Riverside

With ecological sustainability now on the curriculum for all the RIBA recognized courses in architecture this book could become essential reading for students. It would also be very attractive to practitioners who seek a useful, easily digestible, “handbook” to this field.
Paul Hyett, RIBA President

Alex Wilson. Your Green Home: A Guide to Planning a Healthy, Environmentally Friendly New Home, New Society Publishers, 2006, 0865715556, £11.99 – More Information or Buy Now from Amazon and More Information or Buy Now from Amazon homeowners today want houses that are healthy to live in and cause minimal damage to the environment. That’s what green building is all about. Your Green Home is written for homeowners planning a new home-whether you are working with an architect or builder, or serving as your own general contractor. Intended to improve the overall environmental performance of new houses being built, the book sets out to answer some of the big-picture questions relating to having a home designed and built-and getting what you want. Your Green Home covers More Information or Buy Now from Amazon

Carol Venolia, Kelly Lerner. Natural Remodelling for the Not-so-green House: Bringing your Home into Harmony with Nature, Lark Books, US, 2006, 1579906540, £16.95  -To have a home that’s More Information or Buy Now from Amazon in touch with the earth, you don’t have to start from the ground up! It’s possible—and More Information or Buy Now from Amazon environmentally friendly—to go green by renovating an existing home. With the help of Carol Venolia, an award-winning architect and bestselling author, and Kelly Lerner, a world-famous innovator in the field of sustainable development, even the least mechanically inclined person can make a difference in his or her dwelling…and to the planet. The two have produced a remarkable book—packed with information and photos, and the first ever in full color to cover the subject

Daniel D. Chiras. The Homeowner’s Guide to Renewable Energy: Achieving Energy Independence Through Solar, Wind, Biomass And Hydropower, New Society Publishers, 2006, 9780865715363, £17.99 – As the Prices of Oil and Natural Gas Rise, homeowners are scrambling to cut their fuel bills and find, economic alternatives to ever More Information or Buy Now from Amazon costly fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Responses include dramatically improving home energy efficiency and switching to clean, affordable, and reliable renewable energy resources to heat and cool homes, to provide hot water and electricity, to cook, and even to power vehicles.

David Johnston and Kim Master. Green Remodelling: Changing the World One Room at a Time, New Society Publishers, 2004, 9780865714984, £21.99

Whether because of changing lifestyles or simply because houses are becoming outdated, millions of North Americans are renovating their homes every year, spending More Information or Buy Now from Amazon money annually on renovation than on new-home construction. But renovations can be fraught with unintended consequences like indoor air pollution. How do you remodel in a healthy, environmentally friendly way? Green Remodeling is a comprehensive guide. It first points out the advantages of remodeling. Buildings are responsible for 40% of worldwide energy flow and material use; so how you remodel can make a difference. Upgrading furnaces, cabinets and toilets means less fossil fuel pollution.

Colin Smith. This Cold House: The Simple Science of Energy Efficiency, The John Hopkins University Press, 2007, 9780801886225 (hbk), £16.50

Does turning the thermostat down on a winter’s night offset the costs of reheating the house in the morning? What will best prevent energy loss: new windows or insulation in the attic? Is heating oil cheaper than natural gas? Blending science with anecdote and example, Colin Smith answers questions like these, providing an insightful guide to creating an environmentally friendly home without sacrificing comfort. This Cold House helps homeowners identify heating and cooling priorities and choose the most appropriate methods, tools, and equipment. Basic equations allow you to estimate possible savings in annual heating and cooling bills and determine payback times for improvement projects. Practical and entertaining, This Cold House illuminates the concepts behind energy efficiency and translates them into ideas you can use, whether you live in a castle, igloo, or house.

David Johnston and Scott Gibson. Green from the Ground Up: Sustainable, Healthy and Energy-Efficient Home Construction, Taunton, 2008, $18.50, 9781561589739  – A thorough, informative, and up-to-date reference on green, sustainable and energy-efficient home construction that clarifies definitions of green and sustainable and guides builders and architects through the process of new or remodel green construction, including issues of site, landscaping, durability, and energy-efficiency. It starts with clear explanations of the concepts and fundamentals of green, healthy and energy-efficient construction and walks the reader through the entire construction process, injecting expert advice at every decision point.

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