Nature Spirit is on Long-Term Sabbatical Listening to Mother Earth

An activists retirement note

Hello fellow travelers.

My thanks to all of you who followed our Earth-focused News Feed that has given witness to human-kinds impact on our Mother and Her eco-systems over the years. In a late-night drunken moment, deeply disturbed by the continued destruction of our environment,  our treatment of refugees seeking sanctuary and the rise and rise of unconscious consumerism, my sub-conscious over rode my rational mind and I deleted all of the site’s content built-up over 15 years online in various forms. No regrets.

i took part in my  first community action, protesting human rights abuses when i was 14 years old, my first against nuclear weapons when i was 15.  My adult life has been dominated by activism around environmental, peace, human rights, biodiversity loss.  After nearly 50 years of activism i am leaving it to the next generations. i know that our planet is in safe hands.

i have decided to spend the time that remains to go and listen to our Mother and to support in prayer and contemplation. 

 We are of the Earth. One with Earth and all of our eco-systems and dimensionality. The sacred and the profane are one and the same it seems.

The future is full of hope and promise.

A thousand blessings to all. KP