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Learn How to Dowse Workshop
  • 03 Jul 2017
  • Kevin Parker
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Learn How to Dowse Workshop - blog post image


When? Wednesday 12th July, 2017

Time? 9.30am-11.30am

Where? Nature Spirit, Berrima

Cost? $25

Dowsing is an ancient art that helps us to get in-touch with our higher selves for the purpose of healing, finding lost objects, locating resources, or discerning answers to questions that we might have.

This introductory (or refresher course) will teach & practice basic dowsing skills working with a pendulum, a tool for helping us gather information. . Dowsing ethics & basic psychic protection will be covered. This is a hands-on session and is always fun.

Please bring your own pendulum if you have one. Pendulums will be available to borrow or buy on the day. Cost $25- Venue: Nature Spirit Berrima

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